Your face is your fortune!

Natural , airbrush, polished , long lasting , ready to fire ... no snagging words paint an advertisement or a product that is stylish to attract attention . your fortune
These are the terms " new age " to refer makeup. It's true!
The use of cosmetics to enhance the appearance was one of the first advances of human civilization and has probably been around for thousands of years . It is said that Cleopatra, the incomparable beauty , bathed in ass 's milk ' enriches your skin and prevents aging body !
The idea of ​​side dishes and techniques to improve personal appearance, especially women, in the early days of human evolution , when we saw that women are always as embodiment of beauty , grace and charm. Today, beauty products , treatments and methods of forming a multimillion-dollar deal with several competing brands for larger pieces of the pie of the market. And people in general are more than happy to make them happy !
your fortune

In this context , makeup for special occasions like weddings, parties and events package includes full face makeup , hair and , in some cases, treatment packages , such as body massages , mud baths , etc. on a special occasion like a wedding , it is natural that the couple wants to look their best , because the memories and pictures of special moments and special day last a lifetime . your face

But in the race to look your best , sometimes people throw caution to the windows and let the most zealous of the flood of ideas and suggestions with total disregard for the individual. face
The result, you could end up with a face, hair Wimpy , blotchy skin blotchy and contrary to look your best , end up looking worse than before. There have been many cases where wives have been forced to make a facial who have not tried or used before, which could trigger allergies and sensitive skin reactions .
your fortune

For brides , so it is very important to put the same care and plan a route of beauty at least a couple of weeks before the big day . Consider taking suggestions from friends and family and take a cosmetologist or esthetician who is professional and whose opinions are good. face
These days it is not uncommon to go to test packages for facial makeup and try some hairstyles before making final decisions. This way , you will know what you look like on your wedding day instead of trying for the first time in her wedding day or the day before and think that the style does not suit you or match your clothes and accessories.

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing a beautician and go to trial are first:

• Feel free to ask questions about the products you use , especially if you think your skin is on the sensitive side . your face
• Be firm to get their ideas on the look and style you want to keep , because ultimately , no one knows better than you what is best for their personal characteristics. Your personal preferences take precedence over everything else, even the professional suggestions if required.
• Climate and weather at your wedding is a very important factor to consider . Excessive moisture can cause the makeup to become sweaty and stained and wavy hair. Otherwise, the cold, dry weather can cause dryness and irritation, and may need more amount of moisture to keep makeup and hair in place . fortune
• Above all , choose a style that is elegant and not over- the- top, because look overdressed with too much makeup can make it look like a caricature of his natural being . Subtle touches made ​​with style and elegance go a long way in improving not only the appearance but also their confidence and self esteem. your face
Every bride wants to look beautiful on your wedding day. If your wedding day is approaching, you need to get a perfect figure with the help of diet after reading all the information on the gluten free diet . face

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