Removing hair electrolysis is it permanent solution ?

In short, the answer to whether electrolysis is a permanent solution to hair removal is, yes, but there are many factors influencing the course of treatment that causes permanent disposal. The following information is to give you an idea of the process and how it works !
Electrolysis is a method of removing the individual bristles of different parts of the face or body. It works by destroying substantially the growth center of the hair with chemical or heat energy that will help the pulse duration . A probe is then inserted into the follicle and individual strand is removed with tweezers .

Whenever the procedure is complete , the practitioner attempts to isolate electrolysis follicle preventing blood supply and eliminate the growth of follicular cells which allow hairs begin to grow. The hair cells themselves may have to face several times, but more often than not the same follicle rather than the same area of the skin that need multiple sessions , for the hundreds of follicles per square inch (or even thousands of women with hormonal imbalances ) hair growth it causes.

Think of your skin as your lawn during dandelion season. An infinite number of seeds can be blown in the wind and the earth , say a hundred per square inch. Son hundred possible dandelions could develop in this small space , but only three are . Carefully remove to get to the happy with yourself until next week root, rose by another misfortune . You wonder how he came back, but as the hair is not the same as other potential they flourished . Until the full potential of the surface and are removed at the root , electrolysis sessions ( and weed !) Go to continue. 

This is why it is almost impossible to give a potential customer a line of exact time that hair can expect to be gone forever , as it depends follicles per square centimeter " of candidates. Once the process is complete , a type of scar tissue seal and leave the hair grows back , resulting in a possible permanent solution. Initially , sessions can take a little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. you can expect to complete a week of the session , becoming biweekly, and finally decreasing the necessary visits desired effect is produced.
While electrolysis is not for everyone , has a long history of efficiency and customer satisfaction!

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