How to apply Hair shampoo ?

If you want to experience the maximum benefits of using a hair conditioner , you should buy for your type of hair product , in addition , you should also consider the right process . There are mainly two types of air conditioners. The first type is for people who want to give their manes instant shine and softness , if you use this type , you must wait 5 minutes before rinsing the conditioner applied . 

The other type is designed for those looking for deep conditioning . Deep conditioning solution will work best if you keep your soaked for 45 minutes in hours of hair 1. Packaging solutions can also be classified according to the type of hair that are intended , for example , conditioners for dry hair , conditioners for fine hair , etc. The only thing that is common to all these products is their application process. how

Choosing the Right Product

Choose packaging solution that is specifically designed for your hair type . People with thin or fine locks should always opt for light packers . People with chemically damaged locks , on the other hand , must undergo a deep conditioning treatment . If you have colored hair, we recommend using a product designed especially for color-treated locks . However, for best results , do not forget to apply the solution deep conditioning your hair at least once every week. how

If your loops are short, you will have to apply shampoo if colored , damaged or dry. People with long hair , however , should never miss their weekly hair conditioning session . People with long hair can avoid the application of hair conditioning agents that if he or she has oily hair.
In addition to selecting the right solution to your locks , you must also choose the right shampoo to discover the maximum benefits to undergo a conditioning treatment. If your hair is moderately dry , always with conditioners for dry hair with shampoo for people with normal hair. 

However, if your curls are too dry , both the shampoo and conditioner products must be designed for dry hair . People who use air conditioners for color treated locks , however , always use color protection shampoo . how

Application Procedure

Step 1: Wash your hair with the right shampoo and rinse thoroughly. Now prepare for the workout , removing excess water with a towel .

Step 2: Take the right amount of air and gently apply on your hair. Make sure all the hair is covered with the conditioning agent .

Step 3: Now , comb your hair with a wide tooth comb to allow the conditioner evenly.

Step 4: If you use a regular conditioner , wait 5 minutes and then wash the hair with lukewarm water . For people who receive deep conditioning treatment , the waiting time should be at least 45 minutes.

Step 5: The last step will be asked to let the fresh water in the locks treated continuously for 30 seconds. That's a completely dry your hair will be softer and shinier than ever. how

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