Why dark circles under the eyes appear?

Very often when dark circles appear under the eyes, don `t know the exact reason. But there are a number of these and they are as follows. The main one is the lack of sleep. Especially when so much time is spent on the computer, your eyes get tired due to blue or dark brown that appears before your eyes color. eyes

The main causes of dark circles under the eyes.

The main reason is genetics. There are a lot of pigmentation problems that are transmitted from generation to generation, especially in Asian families and families of color (due to the additional production of melanin). Allergy and nasal congestion are also included in this list. eyes
Skin diseases such as atopic eczema may also be the cause of dark circles under the eyes. Aging can also be the reason, as it becomes thinner with age and lose collagen. Of course, it can also be a feature of your face. These circles can be inflated or hollow, depending on the age and structure of the face.

What is the cause of your dark circles?

To combat this problem, we must distinguish `s source. There is an old method and tested to determine the cause of dark circles. You must press the under-eye area and hold for 25-30 seconds. You will see that if the area became dark, it indicates that the reason is genetic modification or age. In the case where the color was unchanged while reason is allergy. Leaving aside the skin and circles `t go away, then it means that you have a mixed result. This means you can have vascular problems and excess pigment is produced. eyes


Different types of allergies, such as food, cosmetics, seasonal hay fever, allergies in the home (which occurs due to dust at home and at work) can cause dark circles. Allergic reaction to blood vessels under the eyes are growing. These dropsy ships are pressed against the thin skin under the eyes so the color is dark. If you have an allergy caused by allergens in the air, then you should take antihistamines prescribed by your doctor. If you think you have other allergies, then you should consult your doctor. eyes
If you feel that you have an allergy to certain products, including cosmetics or other that can cause irritation of the eyes (when they are red), avoid use and consult your dermatologist.
Avoid touching your eyes if you are itchy or irritated because you break the capillaries causing pockets. Scratching can also cause the production of melanocytes and the region will become darker.

Lack of vitamins and a healthy diet

Lack of vitamins is caused by poor nutrition. Especially the lack of vitamin B12, E, vitamin C and vitamin K. Its deficiency can cause dark circles. The function of the adrenal gland needs more vitamins. When you are tired of stress, alcohol and caffeine, which prevents the absorption of vitamins and results in dark circles. Puffy eyes can occur due to various additives in wine, for example. Exclude fatty and fried foods from your diet and replace them with fruits and vegetables. You need to reduce salt intake, which retains water in the body and blood vessels appear dark under the skin. appear


You should consume as much water as you can and avoid excessive consumption of alcohol, because the whole body is exhausted. Caffeine and snuff also dehydrates the body.
Poor circulation of the blood, vascular problems are the largest ships and become darker and increases the formation of dark circles.

Lack of sleep

When you don `t you have enough sleep you look tired and pale, so the rings are more obvious. Lack of sleep can also be a result of stress. So you must take care of yourself.
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