Three effective non-surgical ways to increase hair volume & length

1) clip in hair extensions
Most suited to slightly thinning hair or clip in hair extensions are a great way to add instant volume and length of your hair . Usually ships in four frames or sections of hair into four different widths , clip in extensions are best applied from the neck up leaving two inches between each frame gaps . The end part must remain slightly above the top of the ear. The additional benefit of clip extensions is that they can be applied and removed in minutes and usually do not put pressure on the hair shaft and follicle existing (if removed during the night) .

However, if you experience hair loss in places , clip -in extensions do not cover the problem. It is advisable to consider something that will provide coverage - rather than the length - which could include a restoration procedure called " non-surgical hair integration hair. length

2) Hair Integration
This is a relatively new phenomenon , painless hair replacement , as clip -in extensions , resulting in an instant, with a full head of hair. It is particularly effective for women with severe thinning .
The process involves selecting matching real hair color and connects to a thin lace . The lace base specially designed - reflecting the shape of your head and covers a thinning crown - joins are a little hairy for a virtually invisible system leather accounts . Existing hair passes through and mixes with the hair - the result is fuller hair that looks like your own.

3) Wigs partial or full coverage
Most people hate the idea of ​​needing a wig. It is simply human nature to want something to add to your own hair - so extensions clip- in hair extensions foreclosed properties are a natural first choice . Extensions can not however prevent hair loss on the top or crown. If your loss is severe , it is useful to consider a hair piece or partial wig or full coverage .

These days , hairpieces and wigs are incredibly natural look - or 100 % human or synthetic and realistic , soft and silky. Colors are available as (roots so dark highlighted hair ) " rooted " or highlight and wig bases are natural , breathable and lightweight. In terms of safety , manufacturers now offer format settings , discrete internal clips or silicone bands to help secure .. In terms of models, real hair pieces can be cut to suit your needs and there are thousands of ready to wear wigs in updating with styles . Many men and women are surprised at how good they look with natural looking full coverage wig and wonder why they have not seen before. length

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