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Our lips are one of the most delicate parts of our body and require a subtle and equally deliberate care . As we know, the winter season has arrived this season in particular, our skin is more prone to drought and so are the lips. Rather, it is very common that usually take good care of our skin and take care of their moisture content , but overall we forget our lips to prevent affected during winters. Beauty

Chipping upper dermis of the skin of the lips is very common that leads to other problems such as tingling , bleeding, pain , swelling, etc. There can be many reasons, such as hail , blizzards, sleets , fog and mist, icy wind and rain, etc. . thin skin and sweat glands free lip is too delicate to bear all this and starts cracking in the form of chapped lips. There are many side effects that cause chapped lips, including inflammation , pain , allergies , blisters , pus , bleeding , rashes, etc. If not attended enough , the Chapped lips can lead to worse conditions of unbearable pain and irritation . Beauty

Licking lips due to chronic drought, winter alcoholism , smoking, etc. , are some bad habits that lead to aggravate cracking due to dehydration that occurs more in the skin as a result of these habits.
Prevention can certainly be a solution to avoid such conditions get out of control. After much investigation and research, here are three amazing tips that can help prevent chapped lips completely. They follow them religiously fleshy lips and beautiful even in winter :

1) Hydrate

It's so strange that we carry our water bottles and sippers all summer , right where we are going . Instead, we completely forget that during the winter the water body is required either summer or winter. You need more water in the summer and thirsty this time, but winter does not mean that the body has all the hydration you want. The shape of the water may be different depending on the temperature of around, but what we must understand is that the body and skin needs proper hydration in all seasons to process normally. Tea during winters is an awesome substitute for hydration. As liquid foods , such as fruits, fibrous vegetables and soup amazing options . Keep water whenever possible. Proper hydration is the solution to many important problems, such as cracked lips . Pancreas, bladder and bowel problems that ultimately lead to chapped lips can be cured by proper hydration . Beauty

2) Protect and treat them well !

Protect your valuables is a chore! Right? So why not protect your lips too. Material things can be re- taken , but none of these wonderful features that nature has given us. Lips are a wonderful place to restore , protect and care diligently possession . Exhibit your time will seriously harm your lips . To overcome this problem, the application of a good lip balm natural base is a good choice . Lip balms become addicted if oil or any other chemical based product used. If the product is natural and belongs to a trusted brand , it really keeps a protective layer on the lips that protects your lips and also controls aspire to lick or bite your lips . Protection is a kind of prevention, but in the case of chapped lips and the treatment is as important as protection. The use of coconut oil with a little sugar as a step exfoliation is a good treatment . Honey and fruit pastes humidity are also good to use natural applications. Beauty}}}

3) Keep your nose clean

Closed and nose and trachea drowned during the winter is another pain in the neck . This is not just a group of irritation while talking and performing everyday tasks , but also bars a good sleep . Normally open or mouth and I sleep in cold, cough and nasal congestion leading to cold air will affect dry lips and finally jump for chapped lips . Try using a Neti pot to clean the sinuses , can be irritable at first , but in the case of the rational, can do wonders to improve nasal congestion . Anulom vilom Pranayama (breathing other nostril and Bhaati Kapaal are yoga practices that improves breathing , calm your mind and dramatically adds to their welfare. Buena proper breathing is oxygen balances to help prevent chapped lips. Try to breathe 's nose and see the difference.

If these 3 tips did not help at all, then the ratio of their chapped lips may indicate a fast diagnosis. But always remember that , like all good things that these things will take some time to really work for you. Regularly and patience, you will overcome chapped lips for good!

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