Premature gray hair - Why hair turns gray prematurely

Grey hair still the result of a chain reaction of the chemical that makes the ( hair) bleach itself from the inside. The body produces an enzyme called catalase. Includes hydrogen peroxide , which is a natural product inside . 
The sole function of the catalase is hydrogen peroxide lens and convert it to water and oxygen . When , as a result of aging , either due to genetic or environmental factors , the reduction in catalase activity suffers from hydrogen peroxide increases . This increase in the hydrogen peroxide accumulates in the resulting hair ( hair ) is milled from the inside. It goes gray.

The question to ask now is why is it that some of us have gray hair over a period of time long before . Medical records show that children as young as eight people have begun to gray at that age.
It should be understood from the beginning that the graying of hair is a very natural process. As we age , hair color changes through the color we were born with a gray / white color. Points made ​​before any hair turns gray when cells stop producing producers color pigments. This could be due to the pigment melanin in the hair or no hydrogen is produced enzyme systems overwhelm the body peroxide .

Depending on what race you are, you could start to turn gray at different times of his life. White would average naturally begin to gray in their thirties , an Asian in his / her 30s and black in her mid 40s. When they all reach the age of 50 are approximately half of all people who have large amounts of gray hair.

Now , what is premature aging ? Again , these racial differences. If a white person would be considered gray prematurely at age 20 your hair turns gray. A black beginning to turn gray before his 30th birthday would be considered as such.
What is now considered , are some of the reasons why people prematurely gray.

1) have been given genetic reasons is that premature aging is mainly genetically determined.

2) Lack of vitamin B12 can also cause the condition of aging.

3) Stress has also been said that there is cause premature disease.

4) Other environmental factors have also been reported as a cause of aging condition

The question we must ask again , what are the options for someone who is going prematurely gray .

Those who start early graying may consider two main options:

1) Hide in another color or gray cover

2) Embrace the gray

In the first option of choice, you can use a dye. Here , hair coloring last a few weeks , depending on the dye used .
Regarding the use of a cap , the wigs are usable .
If you do not want to apply a hair dye , but still want to hide it , you can use a tool like coloring spray makeup brush hair is washed with a shampoo.

As for option 2 , we have seen many young professionals and mothers covered by this option, which is the color that hair is at any point in their lives , accept it and live with it. Accepted as brown hair.
Ron King who holds the Ron King Salon in Austin, Texas, gave five tips to help you go gray with style :

1) If a hair dye is applied , consider going to blow with a short haircut . Work with a colorist to weave in highlights and use colors to minimize the transition line between your natural hair color and hair dye ex .

2) Get a section of hair in a modern style , with crisp edges and a beautiful stretch .

3) Take care of your hair. Shampoos blue bases can help prevent gray hair to develop a yellow hue . Use a conditioning mask once a month to keep the hair flexible.

4) Use a flat iron to make your hair soft and shiny . Gray hair tends to be dark and iron in hair back the shine to it .

5 )Enjoy your life . Beauty is not determined by the color of hair of a woman. The ability to take joy in your life is what makes a woman truly beautiful .

The graying of hair is a natural process . As we age , changes in hair color your original color you are born with it in most cases is gray / white . Linked to this is a natural process against nature where it becomes gray at an earlier period . This condition is known as premature aging.
People are so concerned , they have two options open to the 1. accept or 2 . cover up , or by the use of colorants or through the use of a wig . People on both sides of the overall shape continuity accept and live with the disease or wigs or dyes. Overall, it was hope here are detailed evidence to support the debate on the premature graying of hair .

Mac is a professional Internet marketer and researcher of health. My site is running on the graying of hair at a time normally and prematurely. Some people accept the change if reluctantly sorry state . Others resort to dyes and wigs to fight the changes.

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