Hair Transplant FAQ - Problem

With increasing rates of baldness , many people are looking for ways to correct the problem. One of the most effective ways to correct the problem is to undergo hair transplant surgery . If you are considering surgery , here are some frequently asked questions. Transplant

Why am I losing hair on top 
of the head , not the sides ?

In medical terms, the crown area known as baldness or alopecia area . You are required to attend more hair loss in the area of baldness because hair grows in this area is sensitive to hormones that cause baldness. Common hormones that cause baldness are : testosterone, DHT androgens. Due to the sensitivity of the hair ( front head ) of these hormones , the hair is lost easily due to baldness. Transplant
Moreover, the hair on the sides and the back of the head is genetically immune androgen hormones testosterone and DHT , therefore , is not lost.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure is performed by a qualified surgeon , and is performed under anesthesia. The procedure basically involves transplanting hair from the back ( bald area ) in the front. Two main techniques for hair transplant are: strip harvesting and FUE . problem

It was an acronym for FUE . In this procedure, the hair is removed and transplanted as single follicular units. No sutures are required and recovery is very quick .

In the method of the collection band , a strip of bristles (having a wide centimeter of skin) is extracted from the stable area . Obtained Hair is cut into individual follicular units. Hair dissection is done under a microscope. Unlike WAS in strip harvesting, sutures are needed. Furthermore, the process takes longer to heal. Transplant

How long is the procedure?

The length of time needed to complete the procedure is based solely on the amount of hair to be transplanted . Generally , most transplant surgeons to 2500 grafts in a day. If the extent of your baldness requires 2,500 grafts, the procedure will be completed in a day. However, if your baldness requires multiple grafts do , it needs several days in the hospital.

Is the procedure painful?

No, the procedure is not painful. Before surgery , patients receive local anesthesia and nerve blocks to ensure minimal or no pain . In fact, the procedure is painless and patients watch movies , television or just chatting throughout the procedure .

How long does it take to heal?

In most people , the healing process is generally a matter of days . The tire , which is usually associated after the completion of the procedure is removed on the second day . Well , there may be swelling in the forehead for several days, scabs on the scalp usually leather fall within ten days.

Will the transplanted hair a natural and permanent feature ?
Yes transplanted hair is collected from your body , therefore , is the same as your natural hair. Since the transplanted hair is resistant to the hormones that cause baldness , which continues to grow steadily .

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