How to Stop being a victim of Acne - Causes and Treatments

Freckles, pimples and acne - We have an experience. During our puberty or even our adult years , they seem to be jumping left and right causing more anxiety and stress to say nothing of the decline in self-esteem. However, why is it that some people are safe to have these things and not others ? Is it due to genes, or are applied something we are not aware of , or is it just pure luck ? Studies have shown that several factors cause staining . How

What causes acne?

Hormonal changes , as soon as we hit puberty, hormones begin to break down too. The changes begin to occur , but not everyone knows that these changes in the same way. For some, it may arrive earlier or later than the normal period . Girls are breast development , menstruation and changes in other parts of the body. Children suffered voice changes , growth spurts and start having wet dreams. For adults , a hormonal imbalance can take into account your medicines may also lead small groups of spots or acne. How

Food / diet - even if you do not know what other foods appear including causes acne or blemishes , studies have shown that sugar and foods that have a high glycemic index cause pimples . This is because too much sugar can increase your insulin level , which increases sebum production and clogged pores as well . How

Stress - Stress has always been part of our lives, though we try not to let go our way and instead of thinking happy thoughts every day. Challenges that could force us to think otherwise. Studies have shown that when one feels anxious and tense , the body releases hormones especially cortisol, which in turn increases the production of oil from the skin , causing pimples and blemishes. How

Lifestyles - we become absorbed with our social calendar and careers , we sacrifice our health. Lack of sleep , poor hygiene and lack of physical activity can lead to poor health . Furthermore, due to the poor choice of the skin is the first to suffer begins to dry and break causing bacteria to reproduce and clog pores. How


One way to help heal and eliminate persistent skin problems is the use of over the counter creams and topical ointment against . Another solution would be to eliminate acne surgery . Use of products of skin care with a low dose of benzoyl peroxide. How

You must remember that these products work according to the reaction of the skin and , as such, can be a bit of cash, while others would not. That said , it is always best to talk to your dermatologist or consult a care provider health can discuss the pros and cons of the product, especially if you have sensitive skin or have an extreme allergic reaction. This way , you can look good without sacrificing the health of your skin at the same time. How
Those seeking treatment points might want to check for more information on the treatment of blemishes and acne problems.

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