How to help your hair growth naturally

Are you one of the people who want their hair to grow naturally? Nobody wants to lose hair , sure. But what to do when faced with this problem? A person becomes bald when the amount of hair growing on the hair is not equal to the amount of lost hair. It is normal that hair turns gray as it ages . Baldness can occur when the scalp hair is taken. The technical term for this is traction alopecia . growth
According to some surveys , hair loss seems to be more common in the case of people who eat more fried foods , fatty meats , butter , alcohol or honey. This occurs because the food does not have the proper amount of nutrients needed for the growth of a strong and powerful hair. Besides alcohol abuse can lead to other problems such as digestive problems, or may affect the absorption of vitamins, proteins and minerals. This makes the hair grow slowly or not at all .
Treatment depends more or less on the problem. For example, if hair loss is the result of genetic , ethnic or racial characteristics, treatment can be carried out more easily. But talk of a tumor or a metabolic disorder, disease to be treated first and only then baldness is ignored.
A good idea would be to minimize the consumption of alcohol or not drink at all. Excess sebum is another enemy. The appropriate shampoo will be able to remove excess sebum secreted by the scalp. Rinse hair with warm water and avoid using shampoos and similar products that contain sulfate. Try to avoid excess salt , junk food , sugar and caffeine.
Are also important and critical when it comes to hair growth. Taking vitamin B6 or vitamin C and see the difference in your skin or hair. If you want to take your vitamin C from fruits or vegetables , try to eat tomatoes , green peppers , kiwi or pineapple . Do not forget to vitamin A, which is important for their health and hair follicles, as it keeps the hair lubricated together.
A diet rich in vegetables , fruits , fats and proteins is another great way to help your hair regrowth . Any deficiency in terms of diet will definitely show your hair first . Stress is an example in this case . Healthy Eating offers the proper nutrients and protein diet can ensure your hair grow faster and stronger. This means that you should eat at least one egg a day to help your hair grow faster and stronger.

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