Hair Transplant : different surgical techniques

A lot of men and women these days suffer from hair loss problems . As a result , they have to find effective therapies for hair restoration. If you are having the same problem , you should seek effective remedy with all your years of dedication and sincerity . One gets a lot of options on the Internet . Therefore, the choice of effective therapy is not as easy as you think. To find a successful remedy , you have to do a little research . If you want your hair transplant surgery to pay , you have to take a little time. surgical
What kind of surgery you need ?
Currently, only two hair fall effective therapies are available on the market. These methods have a proven track record and are capable of producing good results Satisfactory . Between theses two methods, one has a better success rate in terms of FUE and growth. On the other hand , is more profitable than the other aussi .
What will be your best choice ?
Follicular unit grafting is the gold strip graft effective method of hair transplantation more . If you want to make the highest number of grafts (about 3500-6000 ) in one sitting , you should opt for a GUB . This method involves removing a strip of scalp hairs from the donor area . The scalp hairs have an intrinsic ability to grow wherever you spot ' em . If the scalp is has an optimal elasticity makes a big difference in the results of hair transplants .
The scalp consists of a firm grip and begin to loosen clamps effective 10-14 days. The method of follicular unit graft usually causes a small scar at the point of extraction or graft . A qualified surgeon always dwell on the latest technology to offer the best hair transplant results . Performing surgery with the help of latest technology will make the surgical scar almost invisible. Usually, the FUG method offers a lot of options and can give very effective results. A bald man can call entirely, now has a full head of hair, thanks to technical GUB transplant .
The second hair transplant technology the most efficient extraction is known as punch grafts or follicular units

In this method , doctors often remove the hair ( in groups 1-4 ) on the back or side of the head part . In this technique, the surgeon has to use a specific tool to make an incision 1 mm to remove think follicles. Although healing is literally impossible to trace, will remain in his head. This technology allows doctors to implant 2000-3000 follicular units at once . This technology is ideal for small meetings normally run.
Consider that you should consider before taking the call
The cost is a critical factor in every part of our life. Therefore, before opting for a hair transplant should think about the cost of participation surgery. Try to check the eligibility criteria before going under the knife. Find a reliable surgeon if you want to build your confidence before surgery .
The surgery will hurt ?
At first it feels punctures 5-6 first practice . Local doctors numb the area small needles clicking on it. After this, you will not have any time the most painful experience . But , if you feel any bread even after the anesthesia , you can always tell your doctor.
Choosing the right technology for hair transplant will end all your social embarrassments permanently.

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