how to maximize the Hall and achieve the best hair styles to suit your facial features.

If you are a stylist or a client, I will talk about how to maximize the Hall and achieve the best hairstyles to suit your facial features. facial
I also focus on how to talk to the designer or the client so that both can understand what is possible and what is not , what to expect and how to get there . Sometimes the hardest part of the visit of the salon is the first "consultation" will begin to discuss "The Big Picture" .

One of the biggest challenges designers have is that when a client comes to the salon with a picture of what he or she wants and the image is completely out of sight! What I mean is that the client provides a picture of a person with facial features, hair texture , density , length, etc. facial

And the customer is expected to go for as the person in the picture. Many times this is simply not happening !
When a customer brings an image, it can be helpful if they understand that there are limits to what the stylist can do for them. And an image provided for reference must be one with similar characteristics to them.
Features such as the shape and hairline proportion , texture , density and face and even neck length . All this plays a crucial role in the creation of a hair style that flatters the customer .
For example , if you have a large , full face and scalp thick wavy hair , and bring a photo of a model with a thin face and straight hair and then your expectations will not be met !

You must understand that we all have limits to what we can and can not have a hair style ( unless you want to wear a wig ) and must be willing to work within our own boundaries . It is therefore preferable to find hair styles on models that have characteristics similar to theirs . This will make your appointment is less frustrating and more satisfying for you and the stylist!

I tell my new clients that I am totally like to see photos of styles they like. But that does not mean you can have that particular hair style ! The photos are great for guidelines on what the customer wants, but are only guidelines ! However, it is preferable to realistic images that closely resemble their own characteristics, rather than achieving what you know is not ... facial

For example, if you are growing your hair and then make several photos of lengths - between the length you have and the length you want , as long as you want can be 6 months to a year . It is logical that the designer would be assisted by images of different lengths () on the way to your goal. facial

My whole point about the styles and images is . Be realistic with your expectations, you bring photos that have similar characteristics to yours , and understand that you can not have any hair style , there are limits . Your stylist will guide you. However, it should be reasonable and leave . hair

And stylists do not give false promises to customers, explaining what is and is not possible in relation to the style he or she wants. It is better to refuse service to customers unreasonable expectations , that to do so and have regrets in total both sides . You ultimately control whether or not going to be a good or bad experience for both! hair

One of the most popular styles that I do in the program is currently over half the length of the hair free flowing movement and therefore the ends chipped elegant hair style , not bulky . I always end with style "pasta finishing " as " Greed" Matt Finish Paste seven deadly sins. Use just a little (about the size of a pea ) Rub hands until it emulsifies then apply (using only the fingertips ) in the center and the ends of the strands. This allows the hair very sexy hair to move freely, and slight rebound defined lines . features

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