The Best Face Cleanser for Skin Types

You know better than to hit the hay at night without washing your face , right? Most care experts agree that skin cleansing your face at night is the most important thing to do , but using the right products and lightweight process is also essential to keep skin healthy , shiny and impeccable .Best Face Cleanser

"Knowing your skin type can help you choose the skin care cleaning product suitable to improve the appearance of your skin. You can help prevent the negative effects and improve the texture of your skin to know what ingredients to use for your type skin . If you do a good cleaning of the skin , dirt , grime , pollution and make-up day -old can clog pores and make your skin blow job. Types

Read on for tips for every skin type.

Normal skin Best  Face Cleanser

How to tell if your skin is "normal ? " Normal skin type refers to those people ( lucky! ) skin too oily or too dry and not a few flaws . Your skin is not severely affected by climate change , has small pores and most of the time, is radiant and healthy. These people can use a wide range of cleaning products without worrying ingredients. We recommend cleaners that contain antioxidants, hydroxy acids , anti - inflammatory botanicals and retinol. If you have normal skin, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is a gentle cleanser simple option recommended by many dermatologists.Types

Oily  Best Face Cleanser

Oily skin is usually caused by overactive sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, which can make them feel more fat and skin can clog pores , which aggravates acne. While oily skin you might think as one train a day , it is an advantage to have this guy's skin is actually less prone to wrinkles. When it comes to cleaning oily skin, avoid products that contain natural or synthetic oils , fragrances (perfumes ) or additives.Types

If you have oily skin , cleaning products contain the same ingredients with normal skin needs : antioxidants , hydroxy acids, anti -inflammatory agents and retiniods . But also needs a degreasing agent such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide , which is usually a gel instead of a creamy cleanser . Clay masks can also be useful , and you may want to consider washing your face morning and night if you have oily skin .Best Face Cleanser

The use of products containing salicylic acid to help clear pores and reduce oil buildup . And while it's tempting to try to get that squeaky clean feeling , it is suggested to avoid harsh soaps that strip the skin of oils and leave the skin feeling dry and itchy skin . Neutrogena Oil - Free Acne Wash and Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin as a good choice for someone with this type of skin. Types

People with oily skin often slightly acid wash , can also benefit from cleansing and exfoliating astringent. Some mild exfoliating cleansers like Dove Gentle Exfoliating Facial Cleanser , often well tolerated and generally help people with sensitive skin (often broken), because it contains stearic acid which can improve the damaged skin barrier that allowing the water to evaporate abnormally acid .Types

Acne prone skin  Best Face Cleanser

As oily skin, acne-prone skin is characterized by an excess of sebum in the hair on his face. Sebum makes its way to the surface of the skin, which leads the dead cells and impurities that clog pores and cause pimples . If you're more prone to red pimples , benzoyl peroxide kills the bacteria that cause acne , says Dr. Hooper . Be careful , however , due to high concentrations of benzoyl peroxide can convert and make your skin look red .Types Search cleaning products that contain 4 percent benzoyl peroxide and the list of ingredients below in a list of ingredients, she suggests . Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser is a good choice . If blackheads are the problem, help salicylic acid , and Neutrogena Oil -Free Acne Wash and Skin Ceuticals LHA Cleansing Gel are good choices for you. Cleaners help manage and treat acne, but depending on the severity , you may need to consult your dermatologist for prescription treatment .Types

Dry skin  Best Face Cleanser

People with dry skin should use cleaning products that contain ingredients rich in moisturizing properties . These ingredients create a barrier that retains moisture and prevent dryness and phospholipids. " For best results , the recommended cleaners should contain antioxidants, anti - inflammatory and moisturizing barrier repair ingredients " Types

Look for products containing alpha hydroxy acids to help exfoliate dull skin and allow to better absorb moisturizers . Fluid or cleansing the skin without removing natural oils foam cleaners . Gly Derm Gentle Cleanser and Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser are good choice for this type of skin . Types

You can also try to increase the ratio of moisture with the cleaner " milky " as Clinique ' Take The Day Off' Cleansing Milk . [ Source : ] oil based cleaners contains vitamin E , cocoa and shea butter and olive oil and jojoba oil are good for people with dry skin, but should not be used by people prone to acne , says Dr Sanchez . Avoid cleaning with surfactants, such as olefin sulfonate , which dissolve fat molecules and yet can dry the skin . Types

Although normally you should avoid a high concentration of alcohol, a lava recommended for people with skin Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser dry and sensitive . Contains fatty alcohols , cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol , which can actually help lock moisture in. This product , however , should be avoided by anyone who is allergic to parabens , a group of chemicals used as preservatives to prolong lifespan. Gentle cleansing with humectants such as glycerol or urea, retain water in the skin and can be beneficial for someone who has a naturally dry skin .Types

Sensitive skin  Best Face Cleanser

The sensitive skin tend to get upset when using products that contain harsh ingredients . Therefore, many dermatologists recommend cleaners more candy -based ingredients , such as aloe , cucumber natural extracts, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants present in lower concentrations. Avoid products that contain alcohol , toners , scrubs , or things that rub your face too hard. Types

Some people need to be tested by a dermatologist for skin allergies , which often eliminates the sensitivity of the skin . searching for creams scented cleaning products like Ce Rave moisturizing cleanser that contains glycerin and ceramides to help restore the skin barrier. Types
Other experts suggest looking for sensitive skin cleansers that are hypoallergenic and fragrance free , as Avene extremely gentle cleanser for intolerant skin . People with sensitive skin should avoid chemicals that can irritate and cause allergies , including perfumes. Some plants, like aloe , can soothe inflammation, but just because something is natural does not mean it does not irritate the skin. Best Face Cleanser

For all skin types , although it is important to always apply moisturizer in the morning with an SPF of at least 30 to protect skin from sun damage. And if you feel that your skin is breaking regularly, angry or out of control , make an appointment with your dermatologist to get its recommendation for routine care .Types

How Climate change affects your skin

Discover the 10 best cities for your skin to see how weather affects the skin and why these 10 cities are best for your skin.
 climate change
1) Seattle , Washington
If you've ever been through, you know there are many things to consider when choosing a new zip code : the cost of living , schools, property taxes , and more . But did you ever stop to think about how some cities could affect the health of your skin ? Moving to Albuquerque , for example, could help clear up your skin if you are prone to acne. However, if it is dry, dry desert air could worsen your condition. affects

But before you start packing your bags , keep in mind that "there is no universally ideal climate for the skin," says Francesca Fusco , MD , assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. " It all depends on your skin type . " However, some cities offer favorable conditions for clear, healthy skin and have more residents with fair complexion. Read on to discover the top 10 best cities for beautiful skin .

2 ) Milwaukee, Wisconsin climate change

This city of rain in the Pacific Northwest may be famous for their coffee (hello , Starbucks ) But it must also be recognized for its high number of residents with healthy skin . Because the sun is not enough, there is the eye in the sky for 47 percent of the time shots are rare cases of excessive exposure to sunlight and sunburn , Fusco said . It also helps that the city has low levels of contamination . However, it is important to use sunscreen since you can get a sunburn even on cloudy days. Go with one that is at least SPF 15 before leaving. affects

3 ) Honolulu , Hawaii climate change

The state of cheese probably conjures up images of beer , snow , and of course, the cheese , but it has even more to offer , including the right climate for beautiful skin . " Because of the long winters and short summers , there is less risk of overexposure to the sun and sun damage ," says Jody Levine , MD , clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. But that does not mean you can forego sunscreen. Snow reflects the sun , which can damage the skin , so slather on sunscreen of at least SPF 15.affects

4) San Francisco , California climate change

Given that Honolulu has an average of 278 days of sunshine a year , it may be a surprise that the city is good for the skin . "However, pollution levels are very low ," says Levine. Indeed , Honolulu has the lowest pollution levels in Hawaii and high zero-day ozone . Humidity levels can also benefit dry skin. In addition , the sun means residents are diligent enough in sunscreen . If you're visiting , do not forget to wear sunscreen , avoid Levine . with at least SPF 30 is your best bet.affects

5 ) New York City

" Because the weather in San Francisco is almost always the same , it is often necessary to change your routine skin care ," says Fusco . " This makes it easier to keep your skin clean and healthy. " In addition, the City by the Bay is very rarely exposed to sunlight , which reduces the risk of sun damage Another advantage . City has the lowest number of beds per capita in the United States , which could explain why it has a low mortality rate tanned skin cancer .affects

6) Cheyenne , Wyoming climate change

Believe it or not , the Big Apple has one of the lowest rates of skin cancer in the country. " The pollution levels here are in the top, but just is especially clear about half of the year," says Levine. " Therefore, there is less risk of overexposure to the sun. " Moreover, the recent smoking ban Yorkers shields cigarette smoke harmful second hand , which can make the skin dull and contribute to wrinkles and fine lines.affects

7) Washington , DC

According to the American Lung Association , Cheyenne is one of the least polluted cities in the United States, which is essential for healthy skin and pollution creates free radicals that can damage your skin. It also helps the state capital cowboy riding the shortest path to its residents ( only 18 minutes!) . Less time in traffic means less stress , and that's a good thing considering that collagen stress damage , which increases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.affects

8) San Antonio , Texas  climate change

Our nation 's capital is sunny almost half the year , reducing excessive sun exposure , says Levine. Maybe that's why Washington, DC is one of the lowest incidences of skin cancer in the country , and the rate of melanoma is 7 per 100,000 , the lowest level in the country of DC residents also divert the beds tanning . Another boost for health Washington, DC : The happiest city in America, according to a Gallup poll .affects

9) Billings , Montana

Despite the sun, heat and humidity, the state of Texas has one of the lowest rates of skin cancer in the country. " And there's a particularly low incidence of skin cancer in San Antonio ," says Levine. " This is probably the fact that there are very few tanning salons in this city. " In fact, tanning beds can increase the risk of melanoma by 75 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.affects

10) Flagstaff , Arizona climate change

Often , making a list of the least polluted cities in the United States , Billings makes the skin to reduce pollution and save your skin from harmful free radicals that can damage . "There is also the average levels of sunshine and moisture , which is useful for the skin," says Levine. However, be warned that the city of Big Sky country is known to have many tanning salons if you do move there to avoid falling under the influence of its residents.affects
Sunshine is abundant in this city safe , but the contamination is very low, which is very beneficial for the skin, says Levine. In fact , Arizona has a low rate of skin cancer, with only 1,460 people diagnosed with melanoma in 2009 . [ EPA ] But from Flagstaff is one of the highest peaks in Arizona (increasing its proximity to the sun ) , it is important to wear sunscreen and a hat when you head outside. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 30, which blocks 97 percent of UVB rays . And make sure the bottle is labeled as broad spectrum , so you know it protects against UVB and UVA rays .affects

5 Important Ingredients in best Face Moisturizers for Women

When it comes to facial moisturizers , the options are endless . Pharmacies and luxury department stores are full of moisturizers , serums and more - all while promising that the skin a flawless younger . But what makes it different from one another moisturizer ? It comes down to the face moisturizer

Equipped with a number of substances ( and preservatives and additives ) , all moisturizers are the same. Many people rarely check the ingredient label on your beauty products . And it is not surprising to read the ingredient list of your favorite beauty product can be downright confusing . Usually full of unpronounceable names that make no sense to the average consumer . And opt for the most expensive bottle is not the best option - you can simply contain difficult to obtain, but the ingredients ineffective . To help reduce confusion , we speak with dermatologists to get to the first five ingredients you should look for in your moisturizer . They will help you save face and reveal softer, smoother skin again.for women

dimethiconebest  face moisturizer

It is pronounced " dye METH -i - kone " , this ingredient can be found in many skin care , makeup and hair care products . Manufacturers use in moisturizers , primers and foundations , as it helps to fill wrinkles and uneven texture , creating a flawless look uniform . " Dimethicone is the main ingredient in most oil-free moisturizers ," says Joshua Cartoonist, MD , director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City .for women "This is a light emollient which is a layer to protect the surface of the skin, helping hydrate and keep moisture in. " emollients such as petrolatum , lanolin , mineral, soften and moisturize the skin and can also reduce flaking . They do this by creating a layer of fat on the skin that contains water.for women

Vaseline  best face moisturizer

If you have used Vaseline Vaseline probably familiar with (also known as Vaseline ) . Oil ( the same type used for gasoline and other products such as deodorants) , Vaseline is a staple in many kits and for good reason .for women It is ideal to soften rough skin and protect. " Vaseline is an occlusive ingredient that prevents water loss and an emollient that hydrates the dead skin cells on the surface rough skin ," says Zeichner . If you have dry skin , do not forget to look for Vaseline list of product ingredients. People with normal to oily skin may want to jump Vaseline , however , as it may aggravate oily skin.for women

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has received a lot of buzz in the beauty world lately . Because of its ability to swell and soften the skin , which was to appear in moisturizers and serums in recent years . Unlike other ingredients of skin care , hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body . A sticky goo , which helps lubricate joints and even liquid eyes to help keep its shape. However, as many substances in our body naturally depletes with age , so that the beauty product manufacturers have begun to add products .for women " Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that moisturizes draw water in the upper layers of the skin in depth ," says Zeichner . In fact, is said to contain up to 1000 times its weight in water . Consequently , it makes the skin plump and feels softer and smoother . maybe that's why it is often used as filler lips plastic surgery! for women

glycerin  best face moisturizer

Also known as glycerol , glycerin is a humectant which works similar to hyaluronic acid Zeichner says . Composed of fats and sugars , is a lipid with a sweet flavor that is actually found in all fats , whether from animals or plants [ Source : Choice of Paula ] .for women Because glycerin is a humectant, which readily absorbs and retains water , hydrate and soothe the skin. It draws water from the middle and lower layers of the skin (also known as the dermis) moisture in the upper layers of the skin (epidermis ) . In general, it helps to maintain the skin's outer barrier , which helps to prevent drying and flaking. A recent study showed that after 10 days of treatment with a cream which was 20 percent glycerin , volunteers was an increase in the value of corneometer , a measure used to measure the moisture levels in the skin for women

Ceramides best face moisturizer

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids in the outer layer of the skin, and are an important component of the skin structure . For this reason it is essential to maintain the natural moisture barrier of the skin. " Just as a house is made of bricks , your skin is made of cells," says Zeichner . " Ceramides are the cement between the" bricks " of skin cell together. for women " In fact , studies have linked the dry and damaged skin to low levels of ceramide. Besides causing dry, scaly skin , lack of ceramides makes the skin more sensitive to environmental factors such as dust , pollution and other face moisturizer

Top 5 foods for beautiful skin

Active components : Routine B and vitamins foods
Advantages : clear and hydrated skin

The movement of " complete food " has advantages of whole body, not least of which is a beautiful looking skin .

Whole foods are basically unprocessed - whole wheat bread instead of white bread, for example. Whole buckwheat is a good source of antioxidant routine that helps combat skin lesions associated with inflammation. Wheat germ provides the B vitamin biotin , which helps in fat cells processing . If you do not have enough biotin in your body , your skin may become dry and flaky . foods

In general, whole grains instead of processed carbohydrates can improve your complexion. Processed ( or refined flour ) can cause an insulin spike , which can promote acne. Replace refined flour pancakes with buckwheat is good to reduce acne. Incidentally, this will also help reduce your risk of developing diabetes ] .

Not found in wheat ? Lawyers and fungi can provide similar benefits .foods

Now , while oranges , buckwheat , oysters , spinach and almonds are excellent food for skin looks beautiful skin through diet changes should not be so specific . A healthy body means a healthy skin. Just feed your body , good healthy food , exercise and keep your stress levels , and your skin will benefit .

1) Whole grains

Active component: Vitamin E

Advantages : smooth young skin

As with most skin healthy foods on our list, the good stuff in nuts - especially almonds - has to do with the antioxidant activity . Vitamin E combats skin aging free radicals, in particular the protection of the skin against sun damage due to UV sunlight -generated free radicals [source: Self] . Vitamin E also tends to help maintain skin moisture , relieving dryness and makes skin look younger.foods

Pairing vitamin E with selenium can increase its antioxidant capacity, so go ahead and throw some almonds into your cottage cheese (excellent source of selenium ) for a snack skin conditioner .

Almonds , pistachios and walnuts are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids , another great skin nutrient .

Our last meal Beauty: Keep it together to get great overall performance ...

2 ) Nuts

Active ingredients: Vitamin A, beta -carotene

Advantages : bright and smooth skin  foods

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is logical , then, that what is good for the whole body is also good for your skin - and as far as food goes, there is nothing better than vegetables . Search for especially for red vegetables - green and orange as carrots , sweet potatoes and spinach.

Orange vegetables - red are full of beta- carotene. Our body converts beta - carotene into vitamin A, which acts as an antioxidant, preventing cell damage and premature aging . In the case of vitamin A, you also get anti -acne properties - Vitamin A has been used in acne medications ( think Retin -A ) for many years .

Green Foods spinach leaves and others offer tons of vitamin A, too, which helps your skin produce more fresh new cells and get rid of age , reducing dryness and keep your face radiant and young .

Mangoes are an excellent source of vitamin A. Better get this vitamin from food , not supplements , however , as too much vitamin A can cause health problems [ Source : IV ] .

Next : You will probably be happy to know that what is good for the skin can be very good for the palate ...

3) red and green

Active Ingredient: Vitamin C

Advantages : soft and smooth skin

Vitamin C is an ingredient in skin care creams first tons . This vitamin helps the body's production of collagen, a protein that forms the basic structure of the skin [source: Discovery Health ] . Collagen degradation , which begins to accelerate significantly to the age of 35, can leave your skin flange [ source : RealAge ] . The additional intake of vitamin C in foods like oranges , grapefruits , Acerola cherries ( a single Acerola has 100 percent of your vitamin C for the day) and tomatoes can help tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles .foods}}}

Vitamin C can also fight inflammation and antioxidant properties can neutralize free radicals ( highly reactive oxygen molecules ) that damage cells and can prematurely age the face.

If you are tired of eating all that fruit , chilies, peppers and sprouts also have good amounts of vitamin C.

Next step: vegetables are good for much more than weight control .beautiful

4) Citrus

Active ingredients: fatty acids Omega - 3 fatty acids , zinc

Advantages : soft , crisp and clear

Most of us have heard that fish can be very good for your health in general - is a key element in what is known as the "Mediterranean diet " . Many types of seafood can also do wonders for the skin, especially oysters and fatty fish such as salmon.foods

Major nutrients that cause fish as good for the skin are zinc and in particular , the omega-3 fatty acids . The increased intake of omega - 3 can reduce dryness and inflammation. Emissions can cause inflammation of the skin to age faster, and research is too little omega-3 fatty acids may contribute to inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis [source: UMMC ] disorders . Omega 3 fatty acids can also help keep arteries clear heart and improve circulation . Good circulation is essential for healthy skin .

Zinc may help combat acne because it is involved in the metabolism of testosterone , which affects the production of sebum caused an oily substance , one of the major causes of acne . Zinc also contributes to the production of new cells and sloughing of dead skin , which gives the skin a beautiful glow .

Also find these benefits flaxseed oil and walnuts.

Next step : Peel some of them for tighter skin .

5 ) Seafood  beautiful

With people around the world spend billions of dollars on products skin care every year, you would think that cosmetic manufacturers have reproduced the fountain of youth in the laboratory. In fact , skin creams have become more expensive and less based on real science . According to most experts are not Hawking $ 200 half ounce pots youth serum , the science behind skin care is simpler than most of us think .

As with most health benefits , is the lifestyle , rather than how much you can afford to spend on products. Things you can do to beautify the skin are very similar to what you can do to strengthen your heart , control your weight, lift your mood and live longer and better : Exercise regularly , get enough sleep and eat well. Of course , what you can eat to improve skin tone , texture , consistency and clarity may be different from what you eat to avoid, for example , heart disease .beautiful

So when it is a beautiful skin diet we seek? In this article, we will see what they want to throw in your shopping cart to improve your skin , why these foods work in features like smoothness and tone, and if healthy foods are actually skin , unlike foods you'd eat to promote overall health.

First: You may not like the smell , but I love the sweetness ...beautiful

The best tips for beautiful hair in winter the tip of the season you do not want to miss

[beauty products]
When the temperature drops and the wind picks up , it can be a challenge to fight frizz , breakage and split ends. That's why we thought we check with some winter tips in hand celebrity hair experts . They bowed their industry approved for beautiful winter versions of regular leave in conditioners braids things . {protect hair}What they do not know is not worth knowing !{beautiful hair}
The seasons can wreak havoc on our hair , the central heating wind , rain, hat hair and everything else . But while adjusting her hair care barnet win the winter blues.{beautiful hair}
Celebrity stylist and grooming guru Daniel Johnson knows what it takes to make sure that your locks have the last word on this season, so it's a good job , he was happy to share their best tips for beautiful hair in winter .{beautiful hair}
And if beauty clever clogs was not enough, we also got chatting with co -founder of celebrity hairstyle Lockonego , Ben Cooke , on the A- list worthy advice.{beautiful hair}
Who does not want shiny locks has Nicole Scherzinger and Mila Kunis ? {protect hair}
Prevention is better than cure{beautiful hair}

Daniel said : " It is much easier to protect, condition and maintain healthy hair to try to repair the damage caused by abuse and harsh winter . "{beautiful hair}
The obvious way to protect our manes are often we forget , but luckily for us , Ben is a reminder . He said, "[beauty products]Wear a hat or scarf not only protect hair from the elements, but the wind will stop sending your hair in a messy way to the office. " .{beautiful hair}
stay fit{protect hair}

"Cut your hair regularly will help strengthen the hair and reduces the risk of breakage. 's Important to take a pride in their hair , because even the simplest haircut can boost your confidence tenfold. If you look closely , you feel good and it will encourage you to spend more time finding your hair rather than scratch your back " .{beautiful hair}
Ben Cooke could not agree more , said : " The regular versions are necessary in winter to prevent split ends look much healthier if it is clean and tidy , and even if you are growing your hair , you should always have regular versions . " . Well , they said .[beauty products]
Avoid brushing your hair while wet{beautiful hair}

Daniel said : " The wet brushing can increase split ends and breakage that can leave hair dull and damaged Investing in a tangle teaser to relieve knots your hair with minimal risk of hair breakage. " .{beautiful hair}
Want to know another trick on wet hair ? Ben said . . " Never stand outside with wet hair might be tempting to leave the gym without blowing up your hair , but a " no " for the winter months , you can actually freeze and cause hair breakage , so be sure remove moisture to the hair in top condition . "{protect hair}
Treat your hair{beautiful hair}

Daniel Another good plan is to treat your hair pampering season .{protect hair}[beautiful hair]
He said : " Falling into a conditioning treatment is especially important for women than their hair tends to be longer than you may be prone to rupture, separation and drying Keep your fed protect against weather and hair men heat style .. "{protect hair}

The 3 Easy Ways to Ticker, Longer, More Beautiful Hair

{beauty products}
Follow these simple tips to beautifully long hair SUPER! They are really easy , so it's just a matter of adding a few minutes of your beauty routine .{long hair}
The secret to beautiful hair growth{hairstyles}

After giving birth and realize that the hair just does not want to stay in the head around, I was desperate to find ways to help them grow as soon as possible!{hairstyles}I tried this hair mask and I was very impressed with how fast my hair started to grow when I used it !{hairstyles}Although not necessarily recommend it for hair loss , it is amazing for your hair grow faster ! The Cayenne Pepper is to stimulate the hair follicles absolute gem !{long hair}
Super Hair Growth{hairstyles}

ingredients{beauty products}
  1. - Olive oil 1/2 cup{hairstyles}
  2. - 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper{long hair}
  3. - 1 teaspoon mustard seeds (powdered or in pieces){hairstyles}
Mix all ingredients that massage the scalp for 20 minutes, from the front of the head back. The massage will also help the oil penetrate and improve circulation. {long hair}If you are concerned about sensitivity , test your skin first , around your neck for 30 minutes before application !{long hair}
Once completed , shampoo and condition as usual .{long hair}You can use this recipe once a week !{beauty products}
Want more hair ? Eat this powerful Beauty Food!{hairstyles}

I do not care where you are, when it comes to hair , there is one rule : The bigger , the better! And if you show your hair or cover , even if it's just for you, it's important to have a healthy hair , thick and beautiful ! What is surprising is that , as everyone and their mother wants thick hair, no one seems to be the easiest to get something - eat really delicious food !{long hair}
I know I hide it well , but I have beautiful hair ! Literally every hairdresser I go crazy when they realize that the hair monster sitting in their chairs! For some reason , my hair will turn red neon bright orange or just enjoy all the color and becomes black ( even when I'm doing a light brown ) .{hairstyles}And, of course, is not the shedding !{long hair}My hair is falling out so bad that I'm not kidding , I could create my own extensions if I wanted ! So believe me, you do not need genetically thick hair is what you do and eat!{long hair}
Ok , now for the good stuff! What should we eat for beautiful hair ?{long hair} Well , I went to eat huge amounts of pumpkin seeds for a while , and I def noticed less hair loss, but also simply stronger , shiny hair. After researching pumpkin seeds , not surprised at all that this is one of the best things you can eat for your hair !{long hair}Not only has tons of vitamins and minerals, but also has a strong mix of vitamins such beauty ! Vitamin A and K are incredibly important for a healthy scalp and create shiny hair , while vitamin B (especially biotin, which are rich in pumpkin seeds ) is primarily responsible for hair growth vitamin ! As if that were not enough , it also has omega 3 and 6 , which means healthy and shiny hair SUPER!{long hair}
Pumpkin seeds are one of the wonders of the world of beauty! It's amazing for hair , skin, and also to kill belly fat ! And unlike a lot of beauty foods , which is good taste !{long hair}
Called "Aloe " for long hair !{hairstyles}

No matter what your industry is , we are constantly learning new things ! The other day , I was surprised by the number of items I could find to say that Aloe Vera is a great promoter of hair growth. Aloe Vera enzymes , when applied to the scalp , leading to hair growth with time!{long hair}Wanting to test this theory , I tried to use a recipe I found , by mixing 3 parts of aloe vera with 1 part honey . {long hair} I applied it to my scalp and left for about 25 minutes before rinsing. Ok , definitely felt good on my scalp , and I realized after about a month and a half for help after a week , I have not noticed a difference in my hair growth , but ' I was very surprised to see lots of new baby hair growth ! I was very surprised , so I recommend to men and women! I also like the way my scalp feels when I pursue this mix !{long hair}I recommend using less honey , however. I recommend 1/2 cup of aloe vera gel ( pure ) with 2 tablespoons of honey, which seems to work best . Just apply the mixture on your scalp ! I will continue to do this once a week , I love him so much!{beauty products}