Making the most of hair replacement options

Firstly, hair loss is not always necessarily permanent . After visiting your doctor , which may also be useful to consult a qualified who specializes in diagnosing scalp problems and hair loss trichologist . A typical query involves analysis of existing hair samples under a microscope to determine the levels of key proteins and elements necessary for healthy hair . Options

The hair follicle also be evaluated as a healthy growth depends on a rich blood supply to the dermal papilla (the base of the hair follicle ) . Once your hair loss problem is diagnosed, the treatment to help promote regrowth can be introduced . Some prescription drugs or topical treatments can stimulate new growth. However, if your hair loss is genetic or permanent , a wig is not your only option for hair replacement . Options

For men , it is relatively new hair fiber system has been developed , which is ten times stronger than a human hair , and also absorbs moisture like natural hair. It can be used to increase the volume to a thinning patches . If you have bald spots , and then a " complete system " or the unit can be designed in a style of your choice, and fixed in place to restore their appearance. Hair is keyed , color and coupled with a micro- fine gauze to be held in place by special cement durable skin. Options
If you are a woman , there are many different hair replacement options , including a procedure called surgical hair integration . This involves the use of the highest quality , color of human hair is blended with his own . Many women with hair integration praise their natural results and lasting effects . This is a painless process and the results - a full head of hair - are instantaneous.

For people who suffer from hair loss at the top of his head, but maintain a healthy growth on the sides and back of the head, it might be useful to consider a hair transplant . Given that this is a major surgery with the specific requirements of candidates , transplantation may lead to the restoration of permanent and effective hair. Transplantation techniques have evolved so that the hairs can be removed individually and implemented using the technique of follicular unit extraction (FUE ) - the result is minimal scarring and recovery time. It is essential that you take the time to get a clinic hair loss trustworthy and reputable surgeon qualified to perform this procedure. Options

If you are experiencing hair loss , please contact as soon as possible . Although some topical treatments can reduce the loss , there are many options to help restore a full head of hair without using a wig to cover .
The most popular manufacturer of the new " whole system " described above is called Cyberhair and A & A Studios are specialists trained Cyberhair . If you need advice on hair replacement , talk to an expert in hair loss A & A Studios today.

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