Argan oils not a beauty product only

There are many brands of argan oil on the market. This is not a beauty product "only" , but also offers several benefits that enhance your personal hair care and skin. To take advantage of these benefits, it is wise to choose a high quality product . How do you know which brand is the best and highest quality ? Learn more about some of the most important in choosing a good product criteria . beauty

1) Avoid products that are adulterated with chemicals like parabens , sulfates, fragrances or alcohol. Risks and adverse effects of chemicals in cosmetics has been extensively studied for many years and there is no doubt that just are not good for your health and can even lead to serious health problems . Therefore, choose a brand that no chemicals .

2) In addition, a careful that the product is 100 % pure and not a mixture of different - probably less value , oil and other non-essential additives. Not only will you waste your money on an inferior product , but did not get to reap the benefits of pure argan oil has to offer - it would be a shame if you missed out on this.

3) The oil press machine is a better choice . The extraction method by hand - as has been the tradition for many years , can support local farmers by giving them a job. However, the hand press method involves mixing pulp argan , after extraction with water to remove the oil. Microorganisms thrive in moist environments and can more easily develop while argan oil is processed . This would not only reduce the life of the oil, but also its value . Mechanical extraction of oil in modern facilities offer greater hygiene and enable high quality final product .

4) Do not be fooled by a beautiful floral aroma. Argan oil has a nutty smell reminiscent of olive oil. No smells like potpourri. If this is the case , perfumes are added to the product. There are hundreds of synthetic fragrances in the cosmetics industry . Many of them were considered carcinogenic. beauty

5) Last , choose a product that is cold pressed . Any heat treatment destroys the natural elements in argan oil , which are so beneficial to moisturize and nourish the skin and hair. If a product label indicate the content to include fragrances, you can assume that it is a heat treatment. A common method of addition of perfumes, cosmetic method is by high temperature steam .

Hopefully these tips are helpful . Do not look at the price . A low priced product probably less . The argan oil quality has its price. The argan tree grows only in the country of Morocco - hence the alternative name " Moroccan Argan Oil " is not much that can be produced each year , which naturally affects the price .

If you want to be sure you purchase a pure product of high quality, check Kandala argan oil . It is 100 % pure and natural certified without any additives or chemicals. This product is a cold pressed virgin olive oil and all the great benefits of argan oil has to offer hair and skin care .

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