How to remove facial hair with a thread

Nobody likes to see the unwanted hair on your body , especially when it comes to your face. Many women are aware of their facial hair , but there are only a few that actually eliminate the risk , because a small mistake can spoil its beauty. If done correctly , can grow facial hair thicker , especially on the upper lip .

Threading is something that poses less risk to the beauty of women while enjoying a great extent . It is an ancient form of body and facial hair, a practice which originated in Iran removed. Unwanted hair is removed using a wire to pull the hair follicles. Threading is usually done in salons by professionals with experience and is more effective than bleaching or shaving. Furthermore, it is more painful than waxing, but the results are worth it . Here's how you can remove facial hair thread .

Buy a spool of pure white cotton. Get two feet of wire and cable hold one end in each hand. Tie the ends together to form a circle. Holding the thread with both hands, roll ten times until the wire shape looks like a bow tie. The middle of the wire must contain the spiral portion .

The portion of the wound to move from one end of the arc is attached to the other by removing the fingers of one hand while the fingers of the other hand is kept closed . Get used to move the wound area back and forth , repeating the reciprocating motion of opening and closing. Once you are used to maneuver the reverse side , you can now start putting on your hair.

Before you start putting facial hair, that might be a good idea to practice in their first leg hair if it will not make a mistake on your face you will regret later. Sit in a chair or bathtub and support leg until it reaches a comfortable height. Decide on the hair you want to target first and start putting them out the side of the wire wound on one side of the hair.

Start stretching and closing the fingers to move the area of wire wound on one side to the other. This movement must take the hair and pull it from the root. Repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with the results.

Once you feel confident to begin removing facial hair with thread, you should start with your upper lip. You can start with one side of the upper lip and repeat the same movements as it did when you put your hair in the leg. Once the hair is completely lost , working across the upper lip.

It is more difficult than the removal of the upper lip thread eyebrows. Start by removing the unibrow - hair between the eyebrows. Then slowly remove stray areas above the forehead. Be careful when you put on the bottom front , because this is the most sensitive area of the eyebrow.

Apply baby oil, skin tonic or moisturizer on the threaded area to soothe the skin and close all the pores.
You are finished with the removal of unwanted facial hair without compromising its beauty. Have fun!

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