The Truth About Lipodissolve Fat Removal Technique

Many fitness enthusiasts want to try lipodissolve , it does not require surgery. They also believe it is less invasive to dissolve cellulite and fat stores compared with liposuction.
The process comprises a series of injections with a derivative of soy called phosphatidylcholine ( PC ) and an emulsifier called deoxycholate ( DC ) . These substances are injected directly into the fatty tissue that the patient be deleted.
Lipodissolve , also known as PCDC , is one of the fastest and most convenient to the melting point of the fat that can be administered in a few minutes techniques. The comfort and the ability to produce rapid and permanent results have made this technique, a popular solution melting fat between lovers fitness and beauty .

Managing Lipodissolve ?

The first step of the procedure involves the application of an anesthetic cream to the problem area. When the cream to take effect , the plastic surgeon manages a series of micro - injections of fat burning chemical that causes the body to break down and excrete the targeted fat.
There are bras with PCDC use?
PCDC often promoted in the market as a natural compound as its main component , phosphatidylcholine , is a natural substance found in the cells of humans and other living organisms. Deoxycholate is also natural that the liver produces bile salts. This chemical works to make soluble the PC.

Despite these facts, the FDA has not approved the PCDC as a solution composed of fat and the class as a drug simply because it affects the normal structure and function of the body . However, the FDA has not banned the use of these compounds, but issues a warning in its use as a " buyer situation - . Care"
Lipodissolve phosphatidylcholine and use have been practiced since 1988 , but has recently been introduced into the United States . Nonsurgical American Society for Aesthetic Lipodissolve estimated number performed in the United States and Europe treatments is between 50,000 and 100,000 .

Are there any known disadvantages of the procedure?

Like other plastic surgery procedures , PCDC can not guarantee 100 percent satisfaction - even if it is faster and less evasive . But based on the number of procedures , it is clear that many are interested in taking the name of thinness and comfort.
CCDP Treatment costs can vary between $ 900 and $ 2500, but many are still willing to pay the price, as it works quickly to dissolve unwanted inches in targeted areas . Many people have also said they saw lipodissolve tested was able to keep its promises to remove inches of fat from your problem areas .

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