The perfect breast - Is there an ideal relationship?

Artists working in oils and the like marble tried to capture the perfect human form for centuries. Not content to simply talk about the approximation of painters and sculptors involved person have done to study live nude for anatomical dissections in an effort to get the proportions of their artwork only. breast.
In a way, the process is very similar to that plastic surgeons today are going through their efforts to create increased natural, aesthetic breast, rhinoplasty and other surgeries. Never content to be limited to what is knowledge and wise equipment currently available, trained and certified doctors are always looking to apply the best methods and techniques to help their patients receive the best results.
In September 2014, an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, highlighting the results of a study of the proportions of the preferred breast. ideal.
The authors had done their own research examining 100 models to determine the key parameters used to identify breast aesthetic ideal. For the new study, the authors tried to public opinion, in essence, to confirm your analysis.
So they gathered more than 1,300 people and asked them to rank the attractiveness of four women with breasts of different sizes. Every woman has appeared four times in a panel, each panel depicting the same image transformed through Photoshop to show four different proportions. The lower coefficients than pole pole were 35:65, 45:55, 50:50, 55:45.
His final conclusion? They said the study reaffirmed its previous conclusions that the report 45:55 "universal call to perfect within the definition." To this end, the authors proposed popular use this ratio as a basis for the design of cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation.
Eighty-four percent of plastic surgeons participated in the study agreed, like most pollsters, regardless of gender, age and ethnicity: 45: 55 polo upper pole to reduce the ration was the most aesthetically ideal. Respondents in all areas overwhelmingly chose the report on each of the four sets of photos. breast.
This means that a chest with a bit fuller, rounder bottom half no more balloon-like, circular distinguished as the most attractive for most all demographics.
"This study and our previous work on the definition of an aesthetic model for planning and directing all forms of cosmetic surgery breast reduction / mastopexy with breast augmentation and reconstruction," having authors wrote in their discussion of study "analysis of the population of the perfect breast. morphometric analysis" recognizes that the vast majority of women (and men) seeking natural beauty in the chest rather than an aspect of large overfilled. ideal.
Although not an aesthetic ideal criticized by most participants in the survey, the truth is that the "one size fits all approach" is not appropriate for breast augmentation and reconstruction. A qualified plastic surgeon may use a relationship generally accepted and admired as a starting point, but never apply as a model for use in each patient. breast.
I believe in a personal approach to plastic surgery for cosmetic Institute Surger, if it is a slimming tummy tuck or breast augmentation for added volume. Individualized attention constructed on the basis of aid confidence leads to a positive result. The aim is to make the patient look good and feel good in these new looks. Personal satisfaction goes a long way toward bringing more beauty in the life of a person. ideal.

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