Top 10 Essential Oils To Hair Care

Every day , it is inevitable for women in style , warmth and color of your hair. In addition , there are many hair products , hair sprays and serums used to make the hair more manageable. Essential However, the style and the constant use of hair products damage hair in the long term , making it brittle and prone to serious split ends . To restore the natural shine and bounce of the hair and stimulate healthy hair growth and hair shaft repair, it is important to pause and give hair to organic pampering . One of the best solutions for this is by incorporating your diet essential oils for hair every day. These oils are rich in antioxidants , vitamins and fatty acids that have been shown to repair damaged hair . Avocado oil , tea tree oil and argan oil , here is a list of 10 best essential oils for hair care ! Essential

1 - Tea Tree Oil

If you suffer from severe dandruff and scalp problems , the tea tree oil is one of the most effective dry solution , itchy scalp organic . It has antiseptic properties that kill bacteria , while gently clarifies the strands of hair and scalp, unblocking clogged follicles . It also improves the pH balance of the scalp and dry hair standardization and oily.


2 - Rosemary oil

A Popular rosemary oil for hair benefits are darkening properties for gray hair . It is also an effective stimulant for hair growth , giving you soft and thick hair for a shorter time period . It also has anti - inflammatory and healing scalp problems like itchy scalp . It is a perfect complement to hair conditioners to moisturize damaged hair and brittle. It also has a refreshing taste !  Essential


3 - Olive oil 

Another product rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidant is olive oil. With these properties, helps stimulate hair growth and keep hair smooth and healthy. Also contains anti - inflammatory properties that prevent dandruff on the scalp and dry sensitive skin . No fat is lightweight and therefore easily penetrate the scalp and hair conditioning and moisturizing .

4 - Jojoba Oil

The most sought essential oil for the treatment of hair care, jojoba oil has properties of water retention seal the moisture in both hair and scalp . Addressing the roots , improves blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth . Also perfect to manage dry, frizzy and brittle due to the color , style and daily heating . Helps restore natural shine and luster damaged hair .

5 - Coconut oil

Hair experts swear the miraculous benefits of coconut oil for hair care . Is rich is lauric acid , which is a shielding property that seals the hair moisture and strengthen the hair by improving the binding protein to the hair shaft . This also prevents split ends and hair loss. It is also the perfect moisturizer for the scalp to fight dandruff. It is rich in vitamin E, iron and vitamin K , which provides an overall growth of hair.

6 - Castor oil

A product of the famous hair , castor oil is packed with essential features to help maintain healthy hair and stimulate hair growth . It has vitamin E , protein , fatty acids, antioxidants, healing properties , and other minerals needed for hair care regimen every day. Is able to block moisture from hair strands , coated with a gloss over long periods of time. It is perfect for naturally curly and frizzy hair to prevent split ends and provide manageable hair .

7 - Calendula Oil
Hair Care
Light Extract calendula flower , this essential oil is great for repairing damaged hair with sensitive skin . It has properties that strengthen the bonds of the protein repair hair cells , so it is stronger and faster to develop. It is also a perfect complement to the hair of diet for those who suffer from dry skin , itchy scalp , as it is enriched with anti - inflammatory and healing that can reduce dandruff.


8 - Borage Seed Oil

Borage seeds are known to have the highest concentration of gamma - linolenic acid ( GLA ) , a fatty acid that helps restore brittle hair caused by excess heat and style. Also considered to have anti elements - inflammatory that help stimulate natural hair growth while restoring softness and smoothness. Perfect for those who suffer from hair loss and thinning hair.


9 - Agan oil

Nicknamed the liquid oil by many experts in hair care , argan oil is one of the most popular organic hair treatment today essential oils . It is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants to revive dull and lifeless hair . Fat is not making it without weighing hair down , but will provide a bouncy and healthy hair after regular use. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 and 9 which improve hair strength and prevent split ends .


10 - Avocado oil

Avocado oil is ideal to strengthen and moisturize dry , damaged hair . Among all fruits , which has one of the highest content of vitamin E and monounsaturated fats that trap moisture in the hair , making it strong and renewed . Both also are easily absorbed into the hair and scalp , which helps to nourish the hair roots and stimulate hair growth faster. You can also mix around other essential oils such as rosemary and lavender oil

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