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Who likes dandruff? Si. I do not know either . This is quite annoying. Skin cells die daily . Stand on their own, and this is normal . However, when their scalp flakes off the dead skin cells in excess, is called dandruff . essential oils

There are two types of dandruff , simple dandruff ( pityriasis ) and greasy dandruff ( seborrheic dermatitis ) . Dandruff is just skin cells dry flaking scalp unnecessary. This is the easiest to treat. It is also the most common. The one most commonly seen .

Oily dandruff is severe and certainly look nasty . It also seems thick, oily stains can easily become infected causing crusting and swelling. Since this is a problem of dermatitis or eczema can also search the aromatherapy recipes Skin Care : Chronic skin conditions section . There are more treatments for eczema in this article that can help your oily dandruff . As with anything, test a small part of the hair and scalp before covering his head with it.
essential oils

Usually, the cause of dandruff is a low production of sebum - an oily substance / waxy produced to lubricate and waterproof skin. Most commercial anti-dandruff shampoos work by removing the top skin layer or both of the scalp. Often these commercial products actually make it harder for your skin to produce natural sebum so that you can stop using the product and your dandruff worse . Vicious Circle .

best oils

Although the oils used for simple movies and fat are very similar , I have not broken their place in hair types as a simple dandruff, you may have naturally dry hair normal or oily .

For oily hair :
essential oils

Cedar , cypress , lavender , rosemary , patchouli , tea tree , eucalyptus radiata , peppermint ,

For normal hair / dry :

German chamomile , Roman chamomile , lavender , geranium , mint , Juniper Berry,

For oily dandruff

Rosemary , lavender , German chamomile , Roman chamomile , Cedar , Eucalyptus globulus , tea tree

best herbs

Burdock , sage , willow bark , Aloe , oregano , bay leaf , chamomile , calendula , horsetail , nettle, marshmallow


The best way to make your shampoo of choice is to get a pH balanced shampoo bottle unscented and add the essential oil ( s ) of your choice to it. Add 6 drops per 1/4 cup of shampoo. The best way to mix the ingredients is to empty the bottle in a bowl, add the oil ( s ) and mix vigorously with a whisk to blend. Use a funnel to get shampoo in bottle.

If you mix together a shampoo as above, just make 1/4 cup first and try to make sure you like it. This also makes it easier for you to make different mixtures .
Rocky Mountain Oils sells a mixture called the support of hair that works well on dandruff. Mix in a shampoo using the above method .essential oils}}}}
A good scalp massage with one or more of the above essential oils can help stimulate the production of sebum and help film strip easier.
For some people , they do better if you do not wash your hair every day. Others do better if they do . It is an individual thing so it is necessary to pay attention to what works best for you.
View the usual things - diet, exercise, sleep , stress, etc. These things are obvious, but it is always important to pay attention to them.
Some medical treatments can cause more problems with dandruff . For example , I've had problems with dandruff when I went through chemotherapy, but I lost all my hair . So I worked on pamper your scalp with essential oils . If you are experiencing serious medical problems that you take strong medications , do something good for the scalp . 
essential oils
Although we also have an article on the films of the series of natural men care , income will be different , but the initial information is the same. It would be good to look through the recipes in each one to see if something strikes your fancy as you try.

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