5 Important Ingredients in best Face Moisturizers for Women

When it comes to facial moisturizers , the options are endless . Pharmacies and luxury department stores are full of moisturizers , serums and more - all while promising that the skin a flawless younger . But what makes it different from one another moisturizer ? It comes down to the ingredients.best face moisturizer

Equipped with a number of substances ( and preservatives and additives ) , all moisturizers are the same. Many people rarely check the ingredient label on your beauty products . And it is not surprising to read the ingredient list of your favorite beauty product can be downright confusing . Usually full of unpronounceable names that make no sense to the average consumer . And opt for the most expensive bottle is not the best option - you can simply contain difficult to obtain, but the ingredients ineffective . To help reduce confusion , we speak with dermatologists to get to the first five ingredients you should look for in your moisturizer . They will help you save face and reveal softer, smoother skin again.for women

dimethiconebest  face moisturizer

It is pronounced " dye METH -i - kone " , this ingredient can be found in many skin care , makeup and hair care products . Manufacturers use in moisturizers , primers and foundations , as it helps to fill wrinkles and uneven texture , creating a flawless look uniform . " Dimethicone is the main ingredient in most oil-free moisturizers ," says Joshua Cartoonist, MD , director of cosmetic and clinical research at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City .for women "This is a light emollient which is a layer to protect the surface of the skin, helping hydrate and keep moisture in. " emollients such as petrolatum , lanolin , mineral, soften and moisturize the skin and can also reduce flaking . They do this by creating a layer of fat on the skin that contains water.for women

Vaseline  best face moisturizer

If you have used Vaseline Vaseline probably familiar with (also known as Vaseline ) . Oil ( the same type used for gasoline and other products such as deodorants) , Vaseline is a staple in many kits and for good reason .for women It is ideal to soften rough skin and protect. " Vaseline is an occlusive ingredient that prevents water loss and an emollient that hydrates the dead skin cells on the surface rough skin ," says Zeichner . If you have dry skin , do not forget to look for Vaseline list of product ingredients. People with normal to oily skin may want to jump Vaseline , however , as it may aggravate oily skin.for women

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid has received a lot of buzz in the beauty world lately . Because of its ability to swell and soften the skin , which was to appear in moisturizers and serums in recent years . Unlike other ingredients of skin care , hyaluronic acid is already present in the human body . A sticky goo , which helps lubricate joints and even liquid eyes to help keep its shape. However, as many substances in our body naturally depletes with age , so that the beauty product manufacturers have begun to add products .for women " Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that moisturizes draw water in the upper layers of the skin in depth ," says Zeichner . In fact, is said to contain up to 1000 times its weight in water . Consequently , it makes the skin plump and feels softer and smoother . maybe that's why it is often used as filler lips plastic surgery! for women

glycerin  best face moisturizer

Also known as glycerol , glycerin is a humectant which works similar to hyaluronic acid Zeichner says . Composed of fats and sugars , is a lipid with a sweet flavor that is actually found in all fats , whether from animals or plants [ Source : Choice of Paula ] .for women Because glycerin is a humectant, which readily absorbs and retains water , hydrate and soothe the skin. It draws water from the middle and lower layers of the skin (also known as the dermis) moisture in the upper layers of the skin (epidermis ) . In general, it helps to maintain the skin's outer barrier , which helps to prevent drying and flaking. A recent study showed that after 10 days of treatment with a cream which was 20 percent glycerin , volunteers was an increase in the value of corneometer , a measure used to measure the moisture levels in the skin for women

Ceramides best face moisturizer

Ceramides are naturally occurring lipids in the outer layer of the skin, and are an important component of the skin structure . For this reason it is essential to maintain the natural moisture barrier of the skin. " Just as a house is made of bricks , your skin is made of cells," says Zeichner . " Ceramides are the cement between the" bricks " of skin cell together. for women " In fact , studies have linked the dry and damaged skin to low levels of ceramide. Besides causing dry, scaly skin , lack of ceramides makes the skin more sensitive to environmental factors such as dust , pollution and other irritants.best face moisturizer

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